Award Winning Film Making

The promo for the #summittosea project with Aleks Kashefi, full adventure video coming mid October!

Writer and environmentalist Matt Maynard shows that cycling exposes you to less air pollution than taking the Underground, adding further evidence to Kings College London's University findings.

Aleks Kashefi is a science teacher from the UK who began running just 3 years ago. He soon discovered running in the mountains and found it gave him a huge sense of freedom but there was something missing...

Or rather something that needed to be lost, his shoes! Aleks realised that running barefoot in these remote and challenging locations added a huge amount more fun to each run, so he lost the shoes and began to do it the 'pure' way. 

Running Sucks - Story of a Barefoot Runner follows the story of Aleks's running career and why he finds running barefoot such a different experience to running conventially.

Sharing a run with a partner can add a huge amount, shared experiences, shared responsibility and someone to talk to. This is a film that explores the relationship between running partners and how that can build the best friendships. Featuring: Anna Paxton - Bodil Oudshoorn