Photo Courtesy of LW Images

Photo Courtesy of LW Images


Growing up in the Peak District is an incredible place to develop a love for the outdoors, and I developed this love at a very young age. 

I would take every opportunity I could to get outdoors and enjoy the vast range of activities right on my doorstep. From caving to climbing, running to swimming in the lakes... I was continually dreaming of the hills. 

 The beauty of the Peak District and the UK’s wild spaces naturally pushed me to pick up a camera and begin documenting the places, people and activities I love. I found an obsession in capturing these moments, and took great pleasure in showing them to the world.

Over the coming years I continued to develop my skills as a photographer, and began to film too.  I had found my second great passion and began to broaden my repertoire of work. I found that in the same way I loved to  push myself physically, I loved to technically push the camera and equipment. 

Both these passions live on, stronger than ever and I am finding myself pushing these boundaries more and more. Striving to create the best visual content possible, not only from the mountains but from a whole range of different scenarios.